Industrial engineer Carlos Rosés Pesce
Borghi-Jet gas burners

General Use

The "Borghi-JET" automatic burners, are designed to meet needs of heat generation in general, being suitable for application in boilers working with pressurized chamber, generating heat or hot air, rotary furnaces for manufacturing bread, radiant tubes, tubes for immersion heating equipment, and so on.


The body of the burner is monoblock type, built entirely of cast aluminum, with clamping flange for easy mounting of any type of chamber. The fan blade is multiple type and is balanced in static and dynamic, gaining maximum performance with low noise. The engine is directly attached to the body by clamping flange. The mouthpiece of flame restraint is entirely on stainless steel.

Security and Efficiency

The burners are equipped with automatic valves, pressure switches, filter, flame control and pressure gauge, providing a permanent and strict control with regard to security. Our experience in developing combustion equipments guarantees efficiency of the flame of the "Borghi-JET."