Industrial engineer Carlos Rosés Pesce
MJ3 burners for heating air

General Use

The MJ3 systems are ideal for baking, for drying and warming process of direct air or air-conditioning system, which requires that the air is free of aldehydes and carbon monoxide (CO).

The MJ3 burners are excellent as incinerator of fumes and particulates, that is, removing contaminants from the stack fumes.

These burners can be used both in combustion chambers or conduits, both the intake and discharge from process fans.

Typical Applications

  • Process drying in general
  • Heating and air conditioning.
  • Homogenizing.
  • Cooking.
  • Dehydrating of organic and inorganic products.
  • Fluidized bed processes.
  • Polymer and plastics treatment.
  • Incineration of gases and smoke.
  • Spray drying.
  • Preheating.
  • Auxiliaries for diverse machines.
  • Drying of paper.
  • Drying of pre-cast concrete.
  • Drying of coated and impregnated.
  • Drying of ceramic molds.
  • Dryers for the ceramic industry.
  • Fiber Premolding furnaces.
  • Rotomolding furnaces.
  • Controlled atmospheres.
  • Flexography, screen printing and printing machines.
  • Booths for painting cars.
  • Textile machinery and printing industries auxiliaries.
  • Various high temperature processes furnaces.
MINIPLUS model. Small capacities. System "PLUG" to existing pipelines.

Constructive Characteristics

Its body is built in cast iron or tubular according to version, and its screens in refractory steel. Sometimes, where the process has corrosive characteristics, the body is built entirely in refractory steel. Bodies are available in the form of "T", cross, elbows at 90 degrees or straight, allowing for the creation of more appropriate settings fence called for in tight spaces, easily adaptable to existing or future.

To facilitate the installation it is fixed in small ducts with flanges on both sides, or in the "cap" shape, where a steel plate that contains the system and its components is what ultimately will be fixed to the pipeline.

They are equipped with fans that generate all the air needed for the system, or are delivered ready to install in existing systems with fans. In both cases, the equipment can be built capable to work in recirculation processes.


  • Not need for combustion chambers. Designed to work with both stable and very high speeds with very low air circulation by allowing a smooth operation in any rank of work, which is hardly possible achieved by any other burner system.
  • Supports broad modulations of air, being capable being called to reach a minimum 4% of the maximum capacity.
  • It was built to burn inside ducts occupy spaces (low pressure drop) to be easily adaptable to existing facilities or new.
  • Uniform temperature throughout the volume of circulating air.
  • Makes recirculation of air in the process, being able to reach a recycling rate of up to 100%.
  • The development of the flame is very short, remaining close to their screens, even in those cases where they are subjected to high speeds of movement with large flow of air.
  • 100% complete combustion without formation of carbon monoxide (CO), resulting from its combustion is carbon dioxide (CO2) and steam (H2O), is also a system of low nitrous oxide (NO2).
SUPER model. Large capacities. For reduced spaces. MJ3 system capable of recirculated air process.

Security Systems

The MJ3 combustion systems combine endless automation and control elements that commanded by its flame controller allow the shutdown of the equipment in the following cases:

  • Low air pressure.
  • High or low gas pressure
  • False flame
  • Lack of flame

In all cases and for all capacities, the controller begins its cycle with a time of air flow to purge the entire system.

The MJ3 equipment is produced in all its models according to the required standards such as EC rules for the European market and IGA rules for the South American market.

Technical Specifications

  • Designed to operate with natural gas, LPG or mixtures.
  • Develops short flames and close to the plate.
  • Maximum flame length 600mm (at low gas pressure).
  • Efficient operation even at duct air speeds of 30 m/s.
  • Results of combustion with low NOx and CO emissions.
  • Capacities ranging from 30,000 kcal / h to 15,000,000 kcal / h.
  • Possibility of modulation.
Various capacities on the basis of need. Panels of automation.

Control Systems

MJ3 systems can be supplied with the following variants of control:

  • ON - OFF
  • HIGH - LOW FIRE + maximum limit
  • Modulating

At request diverse control panels for specific variables or enclaves can be provided allowing further optimization of the process where the MJ3 system is implemented.